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Originally Posted by The Gnome View Post
I just don't agree with you, what you are suggesting creates an entitelment mindset.

These players work hard to get to where they are, but so does everybody else in the real world. Doesn't mean I can step out of school with a hard earned undergrad and decided exactly who I work for, how much I will make, benefits, etc...

These kids should feel greatful to get drafted by any team and be proud of the fact that a team deems them worthy enough to join their club. If you do not like your current situation, then shut up, pay your dues, and when the time comes you can re-negotiate.

It's not like ELCs earn chump change for their dedication to hockey. The draft should be about all teams getting a fair crack at solid talent coming into the league. Not about where some little brat wants to play because his daddy played there.

Fans are fans. If you are a professional athelete then part of your job requires that you have to deal with fans, the good and the bad.
So if you working at a job where you're being diddled by your coach (eg. Fluery), you should shut up and pay your dues? Where do situations like those fall into your theory?

And you can step out school and do all that stuff if you want. Hell I've seen guys lie on their resume and got jobs typically given to people 3 times as qualified. Anyways, some "brat" hockey player is going to have a hard career because there's only 29 other jobs, and there's a million people who would lie, cheat and steal to have that job. I wouldn't concern myself with such things.

I'm for the ELC because it's good for the game (handicaps). But there should be challenging loopholes to allow players to be free to decide their own career. It's like parents who decide the careers, spouses, and values for their children and then get mad at our society and laws because their children became gay, athiest janitors. Everybody should have choice, and a good organization should foster players to stay, not depend on the rules.

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