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04-02-2006, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by knight44
My coach actually tried to tell him that but he basically just told the coach to go to hell and used alot of swear words. Any time a team mate tries to talk to him he always says something along the lines of "eat ****, without me you wouldnt have entertainment, and you wouldnt be winning games"
It didn't work because it was an empty threat and the kid knew it. If the coach suspended him, cut his ice time, or did whatever it took to get him to respect the team it would do a lot. Even Gretzky respected his teammates so why should this guy get away with murder. I think you should talk to your coach about this first and make sure that he has your back and go in there with some type of threat. Tell him like coach wants to bench you/suspend you/whatever but I told him to give me a shot to give you a heads up. If you go in with that point of view and he doesn't respect you your coach should bench him. You're the captain so you're the link between the players and the coach, this should be your job but it should be with the assistance of your coach.

Nobody is good enough to get away with stuff like that, who cares if you win if he makes everyone on your team look like a fool. If the Eagles can get rid of Terrell Owens, you guys can handle this kid, good luck.

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