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06-07-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Awwufelloff View Post
LA Kings made a coaching change mid season that bolted them to 1 game out of the Stanley. Ruff needs to go, injuries happen for every team throughout the year. They should NOT be an excuse as to why this team was so bad.
They also traded for Jeff Carter and promoted King and Nolan from their farm team. As Sutter himself said, it FINALLY allowed him to play the system he wanted to play the way he wanted to play it. It gave him size throughout the lineup. EVERY single line had at least one huge player if not two. Lets not pretend he waived a magic wand and turned the struggling Kings roster he had when he first took over into the team we see now. That group was playing at the same level prior to Sutter taking over. It wasn't until those players took over that things started clicking for Sutter and the Kings.

Sutter also never dealt with any major injuries to his top players. One guy was injured (Gagne) and he was replaced at the deadline with Carter. So comapring our situations is ridiculous. The Kings were flat out underachieving. They had all their key players in the lineup all year long. So injuries were a complete non-factor in their struggles before Sutter was brought on.

Sutter also has pieces to work with that we don't, particularly up front. Namely having Kopitar and Richards as his top two centers. We have nothing remotely equivilant. Not to mention the huge roster he has that is perfectly suited to play the way he likes to play. That would be straight ahead, aggressive and simple forechecking. It relies on size and strength to overwhelm the opposing defense. Not something our forward core would be able to do.

It drives me nut we posters make such simplistic statements as the Kings changed their coach and look where they are now. The situations aren't remotely comparable. We had a ton on injuries they did not. They had a great set of centers we did not. Its fine if you want to fire Lindy but its ridiculous to compare our situation to LA's and think firing Ruff will yield the same results. No coach wins without having the players. Thats regardless if he doesn't have them due to injuries or they just aren't on the roster.

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