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06-07-2012, 03:57 PM
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Doesn't the leagues set the terms with other leagues? An NCAA drafted player and the CHL drafted players has different terms right?

There's a lot of players who get drafted and want their degree as a back-up career or after-hockey career, but I'm sure owners wants to get the most from their players, and the fans want to be entertained, so both parties would like the player to just play hockey. But again, it boils down to personal freedom.

Don't blame the players if people are entertained by hockey. It's business and ethics. For example, I'm not mad that Johnny Depp isn't making movies even though I pay an arm and a leg to watch him act. Who cares about the fans? Johnny Depp doesn't owe me a thing.

And again, having some inability to sign drafted players makes the game more dynamic. All those teams who purposely tank will no longer have a completely risk free system if the drafted players don't sign, hence they got to try to compete. I would much prefer a game with several winning formulas, rather than one. If there's no risks to the draft, cheap teams/owners won't look elsewhere to fill their roster.

I've already touched on the other side of the coin, so I know it's not a one-way argument. I'm not critizing MR's model, as every model has it's downfalls.

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