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11-26-2003, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by mmbt
Proven he can play and produce, sure. But it's not long enough to know for sure that he's the real deal as an impact player. He had a nice rookie year, and is off to a strong start in his first 20 games this year, but he's still a prospect. He's probably worth more than Chistov et al, but not THAT much more.

What's really laughable is that a guy who Oil fans have been hyping up as a 30-goal scorer, suddenly is not even worth a kid who's played all of 79 games. Either you guys must think Hemsky's the best thing since Mario, or Comrie's not as great as you claim, because if you truly in your heart of hearts believed that Comrie's worth what a 30-goal scorer typically is worth, you wouldn't put his value lower than one Hemsky.
Edmonton fans take hold-outs personally. We're cheap... its our nature.

If Comrie hadn't jaded the fans, I'm sure that there are plenty of armchair EDM GMs that would take the surer thing in Comrie over Hemsky.

Obviously Hemsky is the new golden child, but Comrie was equally loved a little over a year ago (yep... that recently). Most level headed fans would say that his value is about on par with Hemsky.

Certainly the holdout affects his value... but for the reason stated above, you are going to see EDM fans poo-poo any fictional deal that involves Comrie for any player in our good books.

That doesn't equate at all to Comrie's real value which is determined by professional managers who (one would hope) rise above petty personal feelings.

I for one would take Hemsky long term, but if I wanted impact now... a healthy Comrie over Hemsky anyday.

I've seen Comrie carry an NHL team for an entire season. I haven't seen Hemsky do that yet.

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