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Originally Posted by PhoPhan View Post
The Coyotes are not overloaded on defense. They're not.

After Yandle, you have OEL, who had a very good year and a great playoffs, but he only had 32 points and it's not a given that he explodes from there. Remember what we thought of Yandle a year ago compared to what you think of him now, and apply that to OEL. One good year is not a big enough sample size to project an enitre career.

Then you have Morris and Klesla, neither of whom is a spring chicken or a top pairing guy. Rozsival is gone, and maybe Aucoin, too. Then you have Schlemko, who is serviceable in a bottom pairing role but doesn't exactly scream "#1 potential." I see him topping out, at best, as a #4.

If you're talking about guys like Gormley, Rundblad, and Murphy, don't. Not one has accomplished anything in the NHL yet, and while potential is high for all of them, they haven't proven anything. Trading Yandle because Gormley or Rundblad might be as good two or three years is, aside from counting your chickens before they hatch, just a waste of a few seasons.

Keep Yandle.
If in a conversation about defense, the idea of points comes up, then you are looking at the wrong thing. Heck, Summers had 3 assists in,his first two games as a Coyote, so wouldn't that mean he should be on the ice all the time?

OEL is much better defensively, at a younger age, and his passing and vision are just as good as Yandle's.

As rt said, if he shows Super Yandle instincts, then he stays. The problem is that this year, he made a lot of the same mistakes that he has made in previous years. He also looked like he played with an "entitled" attitude. Making two all-star games is a big accomplishment, but there are always players becoming better. In fact, Yandle should not have even been the all-star from the 'Yotes last year. Both Vrbata and Whitney had better seasons overall and at the time of the break.
A guest also mentioned that we do not have as many NHL ready defensemen. We actually had 10 d-men play in 25+ games last year (many of Rundblad's were with Ottawa), but the point is that if these players weren't NHL ready, maybe 2-3 games would have been given to each one. As much as injuries are a byproduct of playing these guys, who walked away saying that Stone, Summers, Rundblad aren't NHL quality players?

You have to give up talent to get talent, and a lot of Yandle's play makes me feel like he is going to go down a path where he doesn't getmuch worse, but doesn't get that much better, either.

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