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06-07-2012, 05:30 PM
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I've played all divisions and usually been the leading scorer on my team while playing defense the entire time

The first 2 years was fun. However, getting beat to the max (10-0) in a short amount of time becomes very frustrating. I'm the only person on my team with any competitive hockey played.

I changed this year and got to play with a guy who played AA as a goalie. He's colour blind, though. He didn't tell us until mid way through the first game where we were using a pink ball and he had to look at the player's stick to guess where he was going to shoot. Still did damn good, too.

We finished the highest a team I was on ever did (27th/45 teams) and made it to the 2nd round for the first before loosing to a competitive ball hockey team. Real far.

The main thing that sucks about this is people lie to play in a lower tier so they can dominate and feel good about themselves. If I had more players like myself, (preferably better) I'd go in a league above Muckers.

When players have matching jerseys, they bring gloves and then say "Hey, don't use that ball, that's our league ball", it's quite obvious they're better than muckers...

I had fun, though. Trying to establish myself in front of the net I elbowed 2 people in the face. I apologized, but I don't give a ****.

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