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11-26-2003, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by slats432
And I see yours. Would I do Rita and a pick for Zednik? In a heartbeat....what about Pouliot and a pick...yeppers...Niinimaki and a pick...right again.

I know we are on HF, and we all love prospects...but truthfully only half of all first rounders make a significant impact in the NHL.

Two have made significant NHL impact and one of them (Cassels) wasn't even with Montreal. Nineteen players and none of them are consistent 30 goal scorers(not saying that Comrie is but having done it he has more potential to put up the same numbers than someone who hasn't done it.)

Picks and prospects are great. Proven NHLers are much better. And I am not hacking on Perezhogin because I like him too and think he has a shot at being a good player. But to infer that a good prospect and a pick outweighs a value of a player like Comrie seems a little lacking in good asset valuation.
To some organizations (i.e. many West Coast teams) the addition of Comrie for said value may be worth the deal. But to the current habs, his addition would make not nearly as much impact to warrant giving our second best forward prospect (on a strong prospect team) and our # 1 pick at this year's draft. I do realize montreal's track record as a whole has not been overtly great over the long haul, but as of late (since AS hiring) it has been much better.
A young, consistent thirty goal scorer with no noticeable holes in his game would totally be worth the price. Comrie, for his good assets, has some bad faults to his game as well. First off, the way he dealt with this situation seems very shady, and spoiled to me... (I am sure the coach/GM were trying to have constructive criticism on a guy who simply did not show up in the series against a bigger, stronger Dallas team) Second his lack of size would only add to our major weakness (Even Mike Ribeiro is bigger than him)... and third, though he had some good +/- seasons, last year's -18 does not warrant a high prospect/ first rounder from us. The system that Edmonton plays screams offence... Mac T has even stated that Salo is not to blame for his ballooning stats, as he's hung out to dry on many nights (I know Mac is a tough coach, who makes EVERY one aware of their defensive responsibilities, but it can be stated that Edm.'s system is based on offence more than Defence).

A transfer to the bigger stronger Eastern Conference, mixed with not as quality players, and a tight Defensive system that Montreal/East play, screams to me that Comrie would be looking at a huge drop in points. A reference that comes to mind would be Valeri Bure/Jonas Hoglund in Calgary... Valeri was a 15 Goal man in Montreal, he was shipped out for Hoglund, who in turn did nothing here, while Valeri had some big all-star years in Calgary. Comries game suits the West...
Obviously Conrie I think may be a better player than either said players, but it's only an example of how small players fare shipping from East to West and back again.
I would be willing to do the deal if Comrie was a more complete player, but facts show some weaknesses that could be a detriment to his game out East. It would be too much a risk for our team who already is going through a youth movement, and not looking for a final piece of a puzzle as much as we are looking for size up front, as well as scoring ability.

If I were Lowe and Edmonton, I'd run with Perry, Vishnevsky and a pick deal from Anaheim, as it sounds much more enticing, and to be frank is better suited for both teams involved, making it more realistic.

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