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04-02-2006, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by knight44
This guy has been suspended 6 times this season, and most of the games that hes been gone for we lost or tied. So i guess he gets the fealing we cant win without him. My team is nothing without our top line he me and another guy are on it, if he gets suspended that top line goes to the dogs basically. Putting a another guy on it just doesnt work for us. Yes me and the other guy can score, but without him on the team we miss the pyshical pressance. Without him we dont hit alot, me and a couple other guys do the hitting, but with him the team hit more i guess because they know the guy is there so they are protected and whatever. I am the captian of this team and i want to win the championship this year, as much as it saddens me to say this we wont win it without this guy. So the coach suspending him wont help this at all, and i think my coach knows this. 4 of his suspentions have been major 2 have been for 4 or more games. Mostly for fighting and doing something stupid during the fight.

I aint afriad of the dude, but seriously can this guy be stopped? he has shown numerious times he isnt afraid of the refs, the coach or the league. How would you guys handle this situation?

Insult him.

He's been doing it to everyone else.

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