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11-26-2003, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by coolguy3650
Olier fans don't go around asking people how many cups they've won all the time. You probably hear it alot, because, as a troll, you like to start trash talking wars. If you keep coming on our board, and keep saying the Oilers are worthless, then obviously we're going to point out the best part of our franchise, the dynasty. But the fact is, the oilers were better than Calgary in the distant past (80s), the oilers were better in the recent past (last 7 years we've had a better record), and the oilers are better now (check the standings). And why do you keep bringing up how "clean" Calgary is, and how our slogan isn't very good? Are you here for rational discussion, or do you just like to belittle others? No flames fan, in any way, can say s**t to Oilers fans. Your team has almost constantly been worse than us. But it seems like that doesn't bother you, you just like s**t disturbing.

Anyways, ON TO THE ACTUAL THREAD. I'm glad that Semenov is in and Ferguson is out. Fergie has a great +/-, but we need to give Semenov proper development. And, Semenov at his best is better than Fergie's best (see last year). We need to get Semenov back to his best, not let him rot in the press box. I also think the pairings aren't very good. Semenov should be back with Brewer (played great together before), and I think Cross-Bergeron would give us what Ferguson-Bergeron gave us before. Smith-Staios is a solid pairing.
Well put on all fronts!

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