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Originally Posted by BUX7PHX View Post
Turris was on the team looking for a way out. OEL is on the team bc he deserves the minutes that he is getting. Name a player under the age of 21 that logged that many minutes in the playoffs (besting Yandle, on average, by 4 minutes per game.
This time last year, everybody here was singing Turris's praises and ready to assume he'd break out this year. No one had a clue he was trying to leave. OEL had a great playoff run, and a very, very good regular season for a player his age. But Yandle is the more proven player.

Originally Posted by BUX7PHX View Post
If OEL is projecting to be a guy who can't live up to Yandle's accomplishments, then our entire coaching staff should also go, as they are the ones who are running him out there ahead of Yandle.
Again, this was for what, 16 games?

Anyway, you're missing my point. Let's say OEL really is better than Yandle already. That's entirely possible. Then what? He's only playing, at most, 24 minutes a night in the regular season, right? Why hamstring yourself for the other 36? Do you really want to go into next season looking like this on the back end:


And then what happens when Klesla inevitably gets hurt?

Originally Posted by BUX7PHX View Post
Plus, OEL is more physical in a good way. Yandle's examples of physicality include punching two players after the refs have pretty much brought order to the situation. Then, when the refs aren't able to diffuse the situation, Keith turtles given the opportunity to stand up for himself. Don't kid anyone, Yandle has talent, but he is not an asset that deserves to be in the untouchable realm.
Never said he was untouchable. Just don't think Staal is enough.

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