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06-07-2012, 09:37 PM
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Visitor to Montreal needs a bit of help!

Hello Montreal fans!

I'm visiting Montreal for the summer and after being here a week I have fallen in love with your city. Old Montreal is absolutely stunning and I'm quite eager for the summer festivities which are now just beginning. In fact, I love it so much that I am considering staying a bit longer so that I can attend a few Montreal games at the start of next season. Then I will peace out come winter

I do need some help however and felt this would be a good place to solicit that assistance. Long story short, I have rented an apartment in Old Montreal and Videotron is the ISP. Unfortunately I am heavy internet user and upon looking at my usage I'm fearful that they are going to slap me with some ludacris overage charge. In fact, I've been here seven days and am pretty sure I've already built up an overage. Oh boy. That presents a major issue.

I know there are alternative providers available, some with unlimited plans, and I would like to present an alternative option to the lessor. But in saying that, I want to get this decision right as otherwise I'm going to be financially *****.

Do any heavy Internet users here have any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance for the help. I hope posting this thread was appropriate! I'm primarily a lurker

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