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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I think the bolded part is a very dangerous attitude too. Its like we are begining to buy our own hype at times, which if nothing else was obvious when Torts sent Bickel/Emminger out as a forward when Prust went down.

Lets not talk about being perfect defensively, lets start with better than avg for example if we talk about our play against NJD in the PO's. The highlights are still up at Go watch them from all 6 games -- we are not talking about 2 or 3 gaffs defensively per game, more like 10-15.

There is alot of talk about how we do not want to upset chemistry and of how what we did was great and we shouldn't risk trying to upgrade players/get a few diffrent types of players onto the roster -- because of that. Like why change whats not broken.

The question I ask myself is, do we really stand to loose that much? How much do we have to thank Hanks for?

-What did our forwards produce offensively?
Hagelin 0+3. Brandon Prust 1+1. John Mitchell 0+1. Mike Rupp 0+0. Derek Stepan 1+8. And so forth.

-Okey, but did they do a good checking job? Were they good defensively? Did they win momentum for us?
To be be perfectly honest, these guys struggled alot against their peers of the 8th seed, 7th seed and 6th seed of the EC. Thats the problem.

To be fair, what these guys do bring is a attitude in the lockerroom for sure. But I wouldn't be afraid of having 1 or 2 players brought into the room of ours because of that.
I think you're looking at a very small defensive sampling, from a defense that was taxed by the time it got to the 100th some odd games of the season. You're also talking about a defense that lost 1/3 of its members for a long stretch of the season. Trust me, from a defensive standpoint, not many teams could survive that, let Alone lead the conference.

The references to the offense you used are exactly my point - we are a very limited offensive team. THAT is a bigger flaw than Torts system, which had a team that couldn't score within 2 wins of the Cup finals. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot. But when I rank this teams obstacles to winning the big one, it's really not on there.

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