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Originally Posted by rt View Post
I don't think Yandle played like he was entitled. I think it was quite the opposite. I think he played like he was trying way too damn hard to live up to that fat contract. This gave way to blunders which killed his confidence which gave way to even more blunders. As soon as he gets his head screwed back on straight, he will be back to his old dynamic self.
There are two ways that people can react with an entitled attitude. Turris did the exact opposite as Yandle. He sulked, and was sent packing.

By signing the big contract, you get the feeling that Yandle bought into his own hype a little much. Hence, the trying too hard, as he felt entitled that over the course of time, a player like himself would be the beneficiary of good calls, ice time in the most crucial moments, and a belief that he could do a lot more beyond what he is capable of. That was why there were tons of diving poke-checks, when it was him being out of position in the first place that caused those plays. Same thing as when he punched Hagman (? - all I remember is it was a game against Calgary) near the boards when the ref had pretty much separated them. Does the same thing against LA and gets called for roughing. Maybe entitlement was a poor choice of words - arrogance to a degree might be better.

As far as locker room guys go - yes, Yandle might be a great locker room guy. Weren't Richards and Carter good locker room guys who just partied a little much for PHL management's style? That didn't prevent them from getting moved.

Short term, moving Yandle might not be great. But long term, you now open up some salary cap room to get OEL extended, and Gormley as he hits his stride in the next 2 years. Stone and Summers have proven they are capable of playing in the league. We know Klesla can pair with OEL. That still leaves Schlemko, Morris, Rundblad, and Murphy in the short to intermediate future, and if we did trade Yandle, we would not stand pat, and likely sign another D-man to complement the top 6. rt has mentioned many names that are quality D-men that would not sacrifice as many points as people would think.

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