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Originally Posted by Mehar View Post
In response to UsernameWasTaken, I do not see Ryan Murray making it in 2014. Richards played great hockey in 2010, and makes my team as of right now, because he serves a role on the team. Richards-Toews-Nash line was a great line for Canada, helping them to win Gold. We differ on Jamie Benn and Ryan Nugent Hopkins. I was not overly impressed with them at this year's WHC. RNH just finished his first year, is still 19, and there are others I would put ahead of him right now. I picked Skinner because he really impressed me playing on the big ice, and was at times Canada's best player at WHC. I also loved the way he played with Carolina the times I saw him. I am a big Patrick Sharp fan, and feel he is a very underrated player. He is a flexible player who can do it all, and has played good hockey on the big ice for Canada. He would be on my 4th line. I agree with Eberle. Actually, Eberle is my 14th forward, and i went back and forth, but put Sharp on my team ahead of him. Things could change by next year.
My team is the Hawks, so it's not like I have a problem with Sharp - it's just I don't see him making the team.

Re: Eberle - I think he'll do better than 14th forward...I see him playing a solid role on the team. I think he's a legitimate offensive contributor and if he keeps it up next year I think he will be put in a productive role for the team.

Re: Richards...he might very well make it - and I wouldn't be upset he did. But I see him and Getzlaf as playing similar functions (Richards has more experience, Getzlaf has better size) .

As far as RNH, Skinner, etc. goes...we can debate about them now...but for 2014 we can add a year and a half to everyone's age and experience. The reality is, I doubt a decision will be made about any of the guys in that age/experience group until late fall 2013 (i.e. close to when the team is chosen)...I think 2012/13 year (and the 2013 part of 2013/14 will really dictate who goes).

Re: Murray - I'm also very doubtful he has any chance of making it (and again, it's silly to spitball the chances of someone who hasn't been drafted, let alone played a game in the NHL)...but b/c of Doughty in 2010 Murray's someone who shouldn't be completely written off.

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