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06-08-2012, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
Unnoticed by officials, however, was the fact Norfolk had at least one player offside when the puck was shot in, which according to the AHL rulebook should have negated the goal:

“83.4 Disallowed Goal – If the puck is shot on goal during a delayed offside, the play shall be allowed to continue under the normal clearing-the-zone rules. Should the puck, as a result of this shot, enter the defending team’s goal, either directly or off the goalkeeper, a player or an official on the ice, the goal shall be disallowed as the original shot was off-side. The fact that the attacking team may have cleared the zone prior to the puck entering the goal has no bearing on this ruling.”

Per Mirtle's article. I'm still kinda confused.
Funny enough, the AHL is far more clear on this than the NHL's own version of the rule. It's a clear 'no goal' using the AHL rules.

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