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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Once again, though, the same issue which I mentioned in my original post still remains: neither Schultz or Erixon has proven anything yet. I wouldn't have a major problem with trading DZ if both Schultz and Erixon surpass him on the depth chart. But so far that hasn't happened, and Schultz isn't even Rangers property and he may never be.

Sanguinetti was once touted as this team's offensive defenseman of the future and we know how that turned out. The players have to prove it on the ice before they make others expendable. The last young defenseman Sather traded away was Tyutin, and that was only after Girardi and Staal made him expendable. I think Sather will give Del Zotto the same benefit of the doubt unless there is some sort of ridiculous offer for him. Trading Del Zotto at this moment just seems incongruous with what Tortorella said on the radio last week about how the team needs more depth on defense.
I agree, a lot of that was hypothetical, you need to sign Schultz and either Schultz or Erixon need to be ready to take second pairing minutes in their rookie season. But these guys are both considered can't miss prospects. Erixon wasn't ready this year because of his lack of strength, not because of mechanics or tools. He should be working all summer on fixing that issue, hopefully he is working with some former NHL'er, like maybe his dad or gods be good Gary Roberts. The kid needs to be ready to take a roster spot next season, though that might be third pair, not second. Schultz is not even Ranger property agreed, but my post was assuming Sather could draw him here to win now. Though it is possible Schultz comes in and is missing the requisite strength or think speed for a NHL roster spot right away just like Erixon did this year.

All of this though does not address the bigger issue. Putting Staal, DZ, or McD on the third pairing is an enormous waste of very valuable assets. Putting any of them on the right side completely undermines their ability to be the player they should be. We have valuable parts that do not fit on the roster and are at the absolute height of their value on a win now team. Granted it was somewhat wurprising but NYR was first overall in the East and made it to Game 6 of the ECF. The window is now and what do they need to win? A scorer, a big bodied scorer at that. Especially with Gabby set to be a late starter with no summer training. What parts do the Rangers own that will bring that back. The answer to me is DZ.

There is no other decision in my mind. Richards is 32, Gabby is 30, and Henke is 30. NYR has a good future, but if these guys go over the hill without a Cup there is a definite chance this team will be looking at aging stars 3 years down the road. The time is now, and you have to make the necessary moves to give these guys the chance to win in blue, especially Henke. Yes, they got the ECF with the current team, but the lack of scoring pushed them to game 7's in both of the first two rounds, it is the most obvious need on this club and waiting for DZ to hit his stride at 26 in four years isn't really an option.

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