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Originally Posted by Holy Mackinaw View Post
Come on. He misspkke? Don't you think that is quite an error, and coincidence given Kyperos said the exact same thing a month or so ago? He corrected himself likely because he "oh ****, I shouldn't have said that". Again, my wife is French and I had her read the original article, and it was nothing to do with being being "translated" wrong. It was exactly what was said.
First off, it wasn't an article... it was a radio interview for a TV show called Le Match... so if you indeed have your wife read something to you in French it can't have read the original article in French because it wasn't in print. Anything in print was simply a story about the interview... if you didn't even get that it wasn't the original interview out of your "reading" then I suspect the more subtle things like meaning were probably lost as well.

Second, even in the print articles when they quote him... he never said anything about Luongo demanding to be traded NOR was he even asked that question.

Even the mis-speaking was much more benign than what folks are suggesting.

He was asked some vague question about Luongo getting a fresh start (no one is quoting it because it doesn't fit their fake narrative) and his answer was:

"That is what he wants right now"

Later in the same interview he clarified that in no way did Luongo ask for a trade and that if that is what came across, he mis-spoke.

So that immediately turned into newspaper headlines "Luongo Demands Trade from Vancouver"... you can even see the progression over the days in the stories where it goes from the vague "fresh start" question to mis-quoting Vigneault entirely.

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