Thread: Speculation: Acq/ Rost. Bldg./ Cap Part XIII
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06-08-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by ChibiPooky View Post
How many player changes do we think he really has to make, though? In theory the system is based at least somewhat on the current roster, or at least it would be in my world. If we're already looking at a system that the majority of the roster fits into, then it's just incrementally improving the rest of the roster's fit, when better fits become available. I don't see a case where there'd be enough of any particular style of player available to build a system around who could be acquired.
Well, I'll start with the obvious question: Ovi or no Ovi. Do you use a system in which his strengths are actual strengths, or do you not do that? There are totally valid systems that have had success before in which Ovi strengths don't mean as much, whereas Backstrom's (for example) might. If GMGM/Ted are committed to Ovi then that has strategic implications. If they aren't, then that opens up the door for some big-time acquisitions that could have different strategic implications.

Keep in mind that GMGM is implicitly deciding on a system when he hires a coach, so this discussion is somewhat moot for this offseason, but these are questions that are probably raised every offseason (or even in-season).

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