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06-08-2012, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Pajicz View Post
Yeah, 3-0 in 59:50 and immediately 4-0 in 59:55. And the Crawford's save was really amazing, a true gamesaver. If you would've scored, anything could've happened with the momentum on your side.

How do the playoffs work when having five teams? Or are there any?
I really don't know. That's why I'd want to have a VS tournament with, say, 8 people? I think we can get that amount?

It would go pretty simply: 2 groups, everyone plays once against each other. Best team from each group gets a direct pass to semis. 3rd and 4th seeds from the group play against each other (from the same group, A group 3rd vs A group 4th), and the winner advances to play against the 2nd seed from the other group, and the winner from that game advances to semis.

All games apart from group stage are played with best of 3 system, apart from the final which is best of five.

At this point, I probably confused the hell out of everyone so let me demonstrate:

Group A:

Fel 96

Group B:


Groups are obviously just examples. Winner gets 3 points, OT winner 2 and OT loser 1.

Let's say the final points would be:

Group A:

Fel 96 | 9
Pajicz | 6
Whf | 2
BHoke | 1

Group B:

Jarick | 7
Squidz| 5
grN1g| 3
Puhis | 0

That would mean that Fel and Jarick advance directly to semi-finals and next would be a best of 3 series between the last two finishers from each group.

2 WILDhockeyfan
1 BHoke23

2 grN1g
0 Puhis

This means grN1g and WILDhockeyfan advance to the next round where they face Squidz and Pajicz.

This means:

0 WILDhockeyfan
2 Squidz

2 grN1g
1 Pajicz

So, now we have our semi-final pairs:

2 Fel 96
1 Squidz

0 Jarick
2 grN1g

That means Fel 96 will face grN1g in the best of 5 final series while Squidz and Jarick decide the faith of the bronze medal in a best of 3 series.

Everyone still aboard? Good.

Or would it be better do it the simple way: Two groups of four teams, two teams advance to semifinals, winners go to the final and losers to the bronze game? Best of three semis and bronze game and best of five finals?

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