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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
Cap space is premium, sure, but you don't just give away players like Gay. Memphis won't give him away, they'd have other suitors who would pay more than Kleiza + Davis + Calderon. The guy has averaged 19 points and 6(ish) boards for pretty much his entire career. Incredibly consistent. He's a damn good player, and even though cap space will be the primary motivating reason they are trading him, they won't give him away for nothing. He's not Hedo useless.

Not only, I believe with the proposed package, they actually on similar salary to what Gay is making. It doesn't work for them.

Any interest in pursuing RFA JJ Hickson? He was waived this past season and is an RFA with Portland. Now they may want to keep him due to Alridge's flesh eating bacteria issue, but if they don't, I think he'd be a nice player to get.

If we trade Davis(and it looks like he won't be a Raptor for too much longer), he could provide nice depth behind Bargs. Only 23, great offensive post player. Needs to work on his defense, but he's got some talent.
It's just the nature of the nba now, you're going to get cap dumps of good (not great) players making the max or near it. Heisley has been pretty adamant that they won't be paying the luxury tax. That means one of the main three guys (Gay, Gasol, Randolph) has to go. It's more about next year anyway. If they don't trade any of those three (or Conley) they have about 60 million tied up into 4 guys next season. Calderon expires after this season so that's big savings there and fewer roster sports left to fill. It helps this year too, with them not having to fill out the roster with minimum guys.

Anyway, I'm not arguing that I think that's the deal Memphis should or would take (although it is very feasible), moreso that the Raptors shouldn't be giving up their pick unless they're returning some salary themselves. Either massive cap space or the pick. Not both. Because yes teams will be forced to give up good players making elite money.

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