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06-08-2012, 01:24 PM
retardo montalbon
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the thing that sucks is it'll happen when we least except it. its rare that teams that are the number 1 picks of the general media or fans win. its always that team that sorta has the ammo and players to do it but your not positive about them because of either holes in the lineup or their record. we looked that way this year but then we beat pittsburgh and everyone jumped on us as the favorite by far. we need to fly in under the radar with no pressure. i'm sure my theory makes no sense but it does seem like thats what happens. theres no reason we can't win a cup without a few tweaks to the defense. bryzgalov has to be confident and on his game and ready for the insane grind that comes with this thing. It's by far the hardest thing to win in all of sports. thats why i want it so bad. that parade will be the bomb. i also know that i will cry when i finally witness this thing happen. too much emotion invested. i'll force myself to cry if i have to.

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