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04-02-2006, 04:28 PM
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All past Alltime draft GM's are welcomed to re-join.

this draft is a commitment

This isn't run like other drafts

We conduct matters in a professional manner.

Check the draft in the am evening and before bed.
Watch when your other gms pick. It may give you an idea of there scheduals.

12 hrs clocks for all gms to make there pick.

you can pm picks to desinated league officials like bm67 myself spitfire or whoever.
Why make a pm pick? Well lets say you live in halifax and the two gms who pick before you live in vancouver. Send 3 possabilites to a draft official in case your pick comes up. Odds are you will get the player you most want and the draft flows more easily.

Dont worrry you are not giving me bm67 or spitfire or whoever any ideas about who to draft. We have our research done.

You may have a co-gm incase you cannot be there to select or if you go away a co-gm can take over the draft for you.

Those failing to live up to league requirements will have there teams revoked.
A dispersal draft will then follow. This has happened in 2 previous drafts.

One should be able to write or quote other sources for mini bios on there selections.

At this time there is no ahl draft planned to take place after the origional draft.
If one takes place it is a opt in draft. We need 6 teams to have a minor league ahl all time history draft.

I would like to know what time zone you are in and what times do you expect to be online.
E.g I live in Nova scotia I am a nighthawk so I am often up till 2 am but i am off from work at 4:30 pm est and home by 5:30 anytiem between 5:30 and 2 am I can make my pick.

These are the main requirements to enter this draft.

any questions?

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