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About Yourself
Name: Oldfart
Age: 63
Location: Santa Barbara area
Origin of Screen Name: I am one...

Hockey Background
Years Playing: '65 to '84 & now again as of 1 month ago...
Current Team: na
Current League: na
Highest Level Played: college & minor
Current Level: alive
Position: center, LW and D when pressed
Type of Player: 2 way
Player You Emulate: used to think Mikita...

Current Gear
Helmet: S9 w/ cage
Shoulders: Winnwell classic 100s & bauer spx90
Elbows: itech 455 & my old Cooper EK25s for easy sessions
Shins: cooper SG900
Pants: Winnwell Pro, circa '73 - awesome pants, still goin strong
Gloves: CCM Progard 2001 -circa '82 (new ones are due...)
Skates: Lange - yes, Lange - circa '73, last of 3 pairs - no update planned
Stick: Koho 201, Christian 5000 and newer Easton Ultrafiber

Favorites - who cares ???
Hobbies: most everything I do
Movies: LOTR, Third Man
Music: the Cream, Hendrix, Doors, Airplane, Janis, Men at Work...
TV: IIHF Worlds
Food: Brot, Schinken, Emmenthaler while sittin at the top of the WolfSpitze
Drinks: Dinkelbauer FestBier, a Barollo or in a pinch - a decent Chianti
Hockey Team: Canadiens, Blackhawks, Devils, Kings, all the Euro National Teams, US & CAN National Teams
Hockey Player: Mikita, Davey Keon (the 14!),Cournoyer, La Fleur, Kharlamov, Gretsky, Orr, it's a long list which keeps growing...

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