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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
Congratulations. You found a highlight video of Carle making a mistake. As all NHL defenseman do. If it was stated that Carle never makes a mistake. You might have a point with it. Should I now counter with a highlight video of Carle making a good defensive play?
I just showed you a video of Carle doing several of the things you claim he doesn't do. Poor positioning, weak and complacent defense, no physical aggression. These are things he does all the time. We aren't just making this up or imagining it because we all got together and decided it would be fun to do. These are things we've noticed are par for the course after watching Carle over the course of many games. These are things which stats don't show, so good luck disproving it.

Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
Your right, people have been saying the exact same things about Carle for years. But then you have to look at which people are saying what your saying. NHL analysts? NHL GM"s? NHL bloggers who cover the sport? As always, same old same old. Show me one credible source that cover the Flyers, that says the same thing that the "people" say about Carle? Why would I as a fan, accept unfounded criticisms of a player? You have to find different ways because the other ways have been proven inaccurate. Just as it will now. Do you want to do that all over again? I'm game if you are. We can look at all the factual information available for Carle all over again.

And yes, Carle is a very good player. That is clear. That's why the Flyers used him as they have. And why they want to re-sign him.
As has been stated, blogs and analysts are only opinions. They aren't gospel.

The Flyers used Carle as they did because he was all they had and there was no other alternative, especially with Mez and Timonen injured. Not because he is a phenom.

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