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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
I just showed you a video of Carle doing several of the things you claim he doesn't do. Poor positioning, weak and complacent defense, no physical aggression. These are things he does all the time. We aren't just making this up or imagining it because we all got together and decided it would be fun to do. These are things we've noticed are par for the course after watching Carle over the course of many games. These are things which stats don't show, so good luck disproving it.
No, you showed me one play during the course of the Season and the playoffs. Carle player over 2,000 minutes of Hockey last year. And your going to show one highlight video and foolishly think it represents Carle as a player? You can find a video for every player in the League making a mistake. LOL Nobody, myself included, has ever said that Carle doesn't make a mistake or is a perfect player.
If those were things that he did on a regular basis, he's find himself on the bench or not playing at all. Instead of playing 23-25 minutes a game. I know that's all they had! LOL So the Flyers chose him to play more minutes then anybody on the team over the course of the entire Season, playoffs combined.

Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
As has been stated, blogs and analysts are only opinions. They aren't gospel.

The Flyers used Carle as they did because he was all they had and there was no other alternative, especially with Mez and Timonen injured. Not because he is a phenom.
If what you say is true about Carle, you'd be able to find one credible source to corroborate your opinion of Carle as a player. Why can't you do that? Why can't you find one credible source. Your telling me about all the people saying what they're saying! The only ones saying what your saying are the biased and the uninformed. The Flyers used Carle as they did because he's a very good player. And they have a choice now don't they? Nobody, myself included has called Carle a Phenom.

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