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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Heres the one big thing. Seems that some of his supporters are stating that we just "randomly" started to hate on Matt Carle. Thats not true at all. Just seems that when Carle makes a bad play, its a BAD PLAY, usually leading to a goal. Us "haters" just didnt randomly wake up one morning and decided to hate Carle after eating breakfast.

Theres a reason why Carle is not in the same sentence as #1 defenders out there like Chara, Lindstrom, etc etc. It's because one makes more mistakes and just plain ISNT AS GOOD, as the others.
Seriously. Carle is not in the same sentence as Chara and Lidstrom, etc, etc. because he isn't in their class. Find me one Carle supporter who thinks that Carle is as good as those players?

That statement is asinine.

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