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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
My team is the Hawks, so it's not like I have a problem with Sharp - it's just I don't see him making the team.

Re: Eberle - I think he'll do better than 14th forward...I see him playing a solid role on the team. I think he's a legitimate offensive contributor and if he keeps it up next year I think he will be put in a productive role for the team.

Re: Richards...he might very well make it - and I wouldn't be upset he did. But I see him and Getzlaf as playing similar functions (Richards has more experience, Getzlaf has better size) .

As far as RNH, Skinner, etc. goes...we can debate about them now...but for 2014 we can add a year and a half to everyone's age and experience. The reality is, I doubt a decision will be made about any of the guys in that age/experience group until late fall 2013 (i.e. close to when the team is chosen)...I think 2012/13 year (and the 2013 part of 2013/14 will really dictate who goes).

Re: Murray - I'm also very doubtful he has any chance of making it (and again, it's silly to spitball the chances of someone who hasn't been drafted, let alone played a game in the NHL)...but b/c of Doughty in 2010 Murray's someone who shouldn't be completely written off.
I agree with that. My selections were based on right now, but by the Fall of 2013, guys like Sharp and Richards might be surpassed by younger guys. Time will tell. Sharp was close to making the team last time. I just like what he brings to the table, and feel he is one of the most underrated guys in the league. The guy can play different positions, take on different roles- killing penalties on the 4th line, playing on the top two lines, playing wing or centre, and is an intelligent player who has demonstrated good chemistry with a guy like Toews, who will definetly be there in 2014. Sharp has been a good player for Canada on the big ice whenver he has played for them. Yzerman also commented about 4-5 months back how he loves Patrick Sharp's game, and how he is a very underrated player who is on his radar for Sochi 2014 along with guys like Eberle. The forwards will be good, but hopefully the goaltending will be good by 2014 as well.

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