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06-08-2012, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
Wait a minute, Conner is just one of the several guys they're looking at. Just because Hockeysverige dropped his name in there doesn't mean they're close to a deal.
I'm not really familiar with Frölundas strategy on the player market. And i first read about the Conner roumor on Svenskafans.

Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
Collberg is gone next summer anyway, no point in playing him. Frölunda needs to bring in about 50 goals, and you need at least five Collbergs for that.
"Silfverberg, Järnkrok and Larsson is leaving next summer any way, whats the point in playing them?"

Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Considering the team that just won Elitserien had a total of nine players born 1990 or later in the lineup.

Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
In 2009, Erik Karlsson and Lars Eller were given really fair shakes, what happened? They took off immediately.
What do you propose they do then? It obviously isn't working signing foreign tin-men and money grubbing mercenairy Swedes. Isn't the team interrested in the character of the players they are bringing in? They must have the bigest transistion of players of all the teams in the SEL these past five years? And it hasn't goten them any where. There doesn't seem to be any long term strategy what so ever.

They, by the way, should start by firing the bald man-baby on the bench.

It looked like they were finally turning a corner half way through this season but now it feels like they're back to square one again.

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