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06-08-2012, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by fordaith View Post
With these clowns, it should have happened MONTHS ago. This goal debacle was just icing on the cake. Look at last Saturday's game when Koharski called a Goalie Int. on Alex Picard, when Scrivens skated out of position, and hip checked Picard. I'm pretty sure thats INTERFERENCE, on Scrivens, not Goalie Int. on Picard. At that point, a PPG for Toronto would have tied the game and maybe turned the momentum in Toronto's favor. Complaining about the officiating now only means that you have been watching this series one-sided from the onset.

After further review, I don't think there really is a fan that is going to argue the legitimacy of the goal, but to jump on the "These Refs Suck" bandwagon right now is kinda shortsighted by anyone that hasn't realized it to this point. And to be honest, Toronto can complain about the outcome of the game, but since they didn't bring their "A" game in win it in regulation, no one knows what really would have happened. I think there is really an argument for posterity's sake. Toronto realizes that this series is all but over, and it just trying to save some sort of dignity. I mean, I don't think there is a doubt in my mind at this point that Norfolk could win all 7 games of this series. The Marlies still have potentially 4 games left, and the still could win, if they got breaks like that, but that means they have to play hockey and quit expecting the refs to play for them with the whistles.
Picard has run Scrivens 2-3 times each game and has got a way with most of them.

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