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06-08-2012, 04:55 PM
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Where I live it goes:

B League (Ex pro players, college players)
B/C League (a decent amount of junior players and people that have played 5 years+)
Upper C (My level, solid everything, ie backwards crossovers are no problem, quick slappers, hard wristers (2-6 years exp)
Middle C (Not great skaters, backwards can pose problems, decent shots, hockey sense is still "off", 1-3 years exp)
Lower C (Wobbly on their skates at speed, very poor shooting, except for the one or two on each team that are playing down, 0-2 years exp)

Nothing is as finite as I wrote out there, but generally speaking it holds true.

The most players are in lower C, 16 teams compared to 6 in upper C and 6 in B/C league at my rink. Lower C makes up about 50 percent of the beer league.

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