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Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
i am at +205 Magic Find in Diablo 3.. lvl 60 demon hunter. I found a good farming spot in inferno difficulty, end of Act I. Also act III slaughterhouse is a great place to farm for gold and drops.

Hopefully by the weekend i'll be at around +230ish MF so that when i get the nephalem stack i'll be at over 300. I have found 4 legendary pieces, mostly crap though
That is some insane MF. I created a 150% build it does AI inferno easily enough, AII is posing serious problems though as I am getting my ass handed to me and one shotted by elites. Though to be quite honest most of my MF gear is garbage. It's pretty hard to balance survivability and damage with MF on most gear.

I hope they fix the loot drops/AH/crafting system.

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