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Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
I get what you're saying. But what was Brynäs doing before this past season? Spent a lot of time playing these youngsters, missing the playoffs, etc. Now they've lost those guys. Back to square one. Not exactly a great long-term strategy, either. "Suck for 10 years, win the championship, suck for 10 years..."
There seems to be a paradime shift happening right now, there is a constant flow of young players in to the lineup now wich seems to be constant rather than sporadical like it was before. Three new(well two if you count out Molin) juniors are joining the line up for this season and Järnkrok is staying. Enterfeldt, Harju and Thuresson is nothing to scof at either. And a lot of people are overlooking the bigest factor for Brynäs success this season, Tommy Jonsson. I think the people that predict us to slump again are in for a surprise.

Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
That. Kent Johansson doesn't know how to handle young guys anyway, so there really is not point in "going with the youngsters." This club isn't going anywhere with him running the show. He's a good coach, but not a good fit for Frölunda.
Realisticly, what would Frölundas options be if they wanted to bring in a new coach? There are loads of old has beens on the market but none of them seems like and upgrade to Johansson. What ever happened to Jens Gustavsson? He seemed like a promising coach.

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