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06-08-2012, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by getyourselfsomerest View Post
Just a hypothetical question, how would this board react if Yakupov went to Edmonton, Murray went to Columubus, and Bergevin picked Grigorenko? I know I wouldn't rule out the possibility if I were a Habs fan no matter how little he's been talked about. I also wouldn't rule out picking Murray if he was available.
Here's what's going to happen regardless, since Habs' fans, as a group, as so damn polarized:
The Canadiens will pick a player.
The 10-15% of fans that were hoping for that player will be very happy.
The rest will gripe and ***** and nit pick as to why it's a terrible pick, thinking that for some reason, they'd make a much better scout than Timmins.

In 2005, everybody was hoping for Brulé, Pouliot, etc. Sure, some of those prospects turned out great. But some of those "surefire" NHLers didn't. The same may happen to Galchenyuk, Grigorenko, Forsberg... So before we all collectively slash our wrists for passing over the next best thing, let's keep in mind that none of these guys will be stars for sure.

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