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06-08-2012, 07:07 PM
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Welcome to our 4th GM game of the season. It is great to be back here and I wish the best of luck to all of our GM's.

But before things start lets go over some rules and dates

Trading will Offcially start Sunday or Monday night depending on how many GM's we have.

The Game Offcially opens tomorrow so get your rosters ready for post.

The Cap will enforced heavy this game and will be watch

If you are caught hiding that fact that you are over or you change players salaries to fit under the cap(like David Jones from 4M to 3M) you will be fired so keep that in mind

If a trade is Veto it is Veto. There will be no pushing around Commissioner to let a veto trade through. Once it is Veto it is Veto case closed

Last game We had a lot of new menbers like a member with no posts asking to join the game. So for this game i am putting in a Post Limit
You have to have At least 50 posts to join the game
If they are brothers there will be complately NO trading between them. No matter what. Just because it could be one GM playing 2 teamms also it gives the GM a unfair advantage to be able to talk to the person face to faceto make trade talks.

For Menbers applying to the Team i would like you to pm me along with answers to these questions.

Will you be active?
How much Time do you spent on HF every day?
Would you veto this these trades

Eric Staal for Rick Nash
Patrick Kane for Eller+MTL 1st 2012+Andrei Markov+ryan White

Do you think GM Games should be realistic,somewhat realistic or not realistic?

Answer these the best you can

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