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Originally Posted by S Bah View Post
Oh you mean the draft he was miked up for,where he asked Ottawa's GM who's your guy?and Murray replied Kadri and Burke says that's who we're taking.Yeah I remember like it was five minutes ago.Here it is 4 years later and Ottawa's pick is the big stay-at-home defenceman Burke loves,succeeding and Kadri looks like he may be a bust.A lot of bad decisions Burke has made and toes he has stepped on with his boisterous flamboyant actions.Never mind signing Komisarek and a few of the moves he criticized Kevin Lowe for when he was suckered into signing Penner.Burke should have thanked Lowe for taking Penner live and learn, I should say in his case listen and learn.It seems now the pressure the Schenn boys were thrust into has done nothing good for their careers,lets hope for Luke he goes to Columbus where he can be away from the spotlight and thrive.Even though that could mean them switching draft positions,they certainly did their part for Canada.
Ok well first of all how is he a "bust"?? He's been progressing nicely and is a much much better two-way player now than he was 3 years ago thanks to the Marlies coaching staff. Unfortunately we haven't seen that at the NHL level, but then again, we had Ron Wilson. Besides, if we had picked Cowen we'd all be talking about the Leafs having another big, slow Dman. He wasn't stepping on toes.

Second, Burke said that because they were considering trading down. He didn't say that just to say "yeah **** you, guess who you won't pick at 9th b****", they considered trading down with Ottawa but only if Kadri was going to be available there. Murray said they wanted Kadri, Burke said we're gonna take him 7th overall.

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