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06-08-2012, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
Heres a post of yours from a few months ago:

I think the real question is, do you overpay for Carle's offensive play or spend 1-2 mill less and get a defender that might or might not play as well.

Some UFA's out there are:

Garrison (might be a 1 year wonder, but dude looks solid)

Others here: (EDIT: didnt see GKJ post. Oh well lol)

Yea, I do agree, that if you want the offensive ability, Carle is the best one out there besides Suter. But this is NOT a good thing. This means that teams that want an offensive defender will be willing to pay 6 mil or so for Carle. Honestly, I dont think he is close to worth it. Now if he signs for around the same money as Coburn, I'll be fine with that. Im not a hater of his or a fanboy, but I do agree that the other pickings are slim.

I think it is time to see if they think Gustafsson or even Bourdon are in their future or not. Gus is 23, and Bourdon is 22. It's becoming now or not with this team for them.

that thread is very insightful actually..

seems like hfboards has a short term memory.

I bet carle signs for 4.25-4.7 I can live with that.
I fail to understand the point? I still hold the same view as I did then. I just changed by view abit when i noticed Timonen slowing down abit and the defensive struggles we had. I realized that we need a true number 1. I dont see how anyone can disagree with that or even state that having 4 3-4 defenders is a good thing.

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