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Originally Posted by Headcoach
First, let me ask. Why not college? What grade point avg did you have in HS? Second, what level of play are you at? Example: A, AA, AAA. When I ask this question, I mean you personally, not the team level. Third, what state is your high school located in. I know that this doesn't matter very much because I just sent info to a college about a kid that plays in Phoenix. If you feel that some of these questions are to personal, you can PM me.

Head coach
Thanks a lot for your time... The biggest problem with college(D-1) is that they won't even look at you until you've played a couple years of juniors. With that said, I was chronically ill for 4 years and wasn't able to complete high school, so it doesn't really matter either way.

As far as what level I play at... Last year(my first year back) I played AA(although most of the kids on our team could have easily made a AAA team). The team kinda picked me up out of courtesy(the coach is involved with the Red Wings organization and a family friend who's also involved put in a word for me), but by the end of the year I was our no. 1 d-man. This year I was supposed to play in a new Junior league here in Michigan, but that league ended up folding, and unfortunatley it folded after all the travel try-outs were over. So, I ended up going back to school for a semester to be eligible and I played for our terrible high school team. So as far as what level I play it, it's hard to say. I feel confident that I could find a niche on any team at any level, but with that said, I'm not the type of player that is going to catch everyone's eye, and as I found out this year, I need some higher end players around me to make myself better.

Thanks again for your time, feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

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