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11-26-2003, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
I was at 2 games of the Barons, did #24 play? I think that was his number, but he was hitting everyone, and some of his hits were kinda cheap. Also how did #57 Goc look? I thought he played well, and was better then the more hyped Boyes.
Goc looked okay, didn't really do any standout plays. He doesn't seem to have a lot of offensive flair, but is very reliable defensively. He was definitly better than Boyes.

As for the game tonight: Bulldogs @ Roadrunners.
Toronto beat Hamilton 3-1 with all the goals coming in the third period. Here are some notes I took from observations of the Habs prospects.

Higgins seems to be very good at pick-pocketing opponents. I saw him do it twice that led to decent scoring chances and another time that did not. I was very impressed by him tonight.

Hossa had a couple of strong shifts and overall had a good game. Strong on the puck and seemed to work pretty hard. Good work ethic... hopefully more to come from him.

Hainsey jumped into the play a few times. He hit the post off one of his offensive jumps. He got the pass from the left side and had Morrison beat far side but hit the post square on.

Ferland was very good physically tonight. Since I had never seen him play, I wasn't sure what game he played. Looks more or less solid at both ends of the ice but I was really impressed with his punishing hits. Hopefully he'll be in a Habs uniform soon because we could really use his physical presence out there. He also seems to be an effective penalty killer.

Balej looked okay out there. He had a great chance from the slot off a pass from Marcel Hossa. At the end of the second period he got hit into the boards a couple seconds after the period ended, he grabbed the other players stick and threw it across the ice.

Perezhogin barely got to play. I was surprised. For a player that management has such high hopes for I would have expected to see him play more. He played a fair amount in the 1st, got a penalty early in the second and probably had 1-2 shifts after that in the 2nd period. He didn't play much in the third either. One thing I noticed from him that worries me a little is he seems to like cutting to the centre a little too much. Since he's a left-handed shot on the right wing, he cuts to the middle (granted he did it near the blue line and not the slot) and takes a wrist shot when he's at a 90 degree angle to the goal. He did it in warm up and a few times in the game. I can't help but wonder if one of these days he's going to get his clock cleaned from doing that.

Didn't notice much out of Plekanec tonight. I guess maybe just a quiet game.

As for the Bulldogs goal - it was a beauty. Perezhogin was skating out of the corner going the opposite direction of the goal with a guy on his back. Higgins eluded his checker and took Perezhogin's drop pass. Higgins got the puck a few feet under the face off dot. He skated by the goal line, cut back to the middle and outwaited the goalie who dove at him while he put it upstairs on the close-side. It was a goal that would make you jump out of your seat. Very nice to see Higgins with a beauty goal. Another thing I like about Higgins is he seems mature. After he checked someone along the boards, the guy cross checked him in the back (behind the play) and Higgins didn't even turn his back, just skated away. Good to see he won't take undisciplined penalties. I guess I'm just used to seeing retaliation from the OHL that when I don't see it I praise that particular individual.

Anyways, that's about everything from tonight's game that I can think of right now. If I forgot anyone let me know and I'll let you know what I saw.

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