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Originally Posted by BUX7PHX View Post
I guess in saying this, it represents two trains of thought.

#1: Yandle is a very polarizing player, to an extent. The fact that not one of the individuals had anything positive to say about him was interesting, and there are people on these boards who primarily love him. I am one of those who sees more negatives to his game, even going back further than this past season. As rt says, he has the ability to be Super Yandle, if it showed up more consistently (not even talking season to season or game to game here, sometimes it is shift to shift), then I would agree with most that he would not be traded. Sadly, I see OEL as already having bypassed Yandle, and Yandle will kind of hang around as someone that you hope will return theform he showed in 2010-11. He has the ability to do so, and if he does, I will eat my jersey.

#2: Being that he is a polarizing player, it makes sense to trade him at his peak before better instincts take over another front office. Let's say Yandle disappoints next year. Suddenly, both the number of teams that were interested in previous years and the price that we can ask for in return drops. Now, we face the prospect of seeing our best return from defense to get a forward as OEL and Gormley, two players who are legitimate top 10 draft picks with Norris hype from the time they were selected in the draft. Given that alternative, I'd rather take some growing pains now by trading Yandle and letting our system assist the younger guys before their talent takes over within the system.
Polarizing to you and to these random people you sit next too but I don't understand how that matters, at all.

Let's say Yandle doesn't disappoint next year and your Staal does, then what? You keep throwing out these complete negative hypotheticals while ignoring that the opposite outcome is just as likely, if not more so.

I still say Yandle stole your girl or something, seems like the most plausible explanation here.

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