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Originally Posted by SLAPSHOT723 View Post
For anyone that was there, I was the one that asked about Nino at the end of the session. He doesn't regret keeping him on Long Island, he just wished he played in Bridgeport last season. I think he's going to start the season there.

He liked to say that our prospect pool was really great, and that they can be used in assets for a trade. I've never heard him say that before, I like that. Sounds like there's a strong possibility that we'll see a few prospects gone for immediate help.

Someone asked another great question, that when Garth puts a team together, what does he want our team's identity to be? He said he wants a resilient team. A team that sticks up for each other. I liked that a lot.
I was talking to my Dad about trading prospects the other night, and how it's the smart thing to do and how you have to be careful to not end up like Milbury.

The first difference being that Milbury never had a Tavares. He traded heavily to acquire Yashin, to fill that number one center spot. I still believe it wasn't a bad trade, it was one that just didn't work out.

Second, this team is so deep in assets in terms of prospects and picks. Every pick in this draft can be traded and the farm system would be 5-7 ranked after the draft IMO.

Trade some assets to improve our current core.
Originally Posted by StrongIslanders90 View Post
“Tell Matt Martin, the guy who lead the league in hits by a wide margin and will fight anyone, this team doesn’t have toughness. I asked our leaders every now and then, if they felt they were being roughed up and wanted Trev (Gillies) or someone else from the Bridge to clean that up. They declined every time. Would you like a 4th liner who can contribute in all facets who has the capability to handle that if the situation arises? Absolutely. We’d welcome that guy. The game is too fast now for a one dimensional enforcer. Our team got called to task last February for a game against the Penguins. That’s the kind of identity; in terms of a team sticking up for itself you want for a group of guys.”

Yep, and to a lesser extent, Haley. Prust is definitely better but for this team this year Haley provided that but couldn't play over Pandolfo, Reasoner or Nino.

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