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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Imagine, if you will, someone whose entire love of cars consists of using it to get to work and back home. There's no tinkering, there's no cosmetic work...the car is a tool, and nothing else. Now let's say that that person's 1999 Chrysler Concorde starts having problems that will eventually cause its demise. This person has $50,000 in the bank.
- I'm suggesting that, in this situation, the person should look at the used car lots. Maybe he can find a decent used car for $3,000 that he'll get another five years of use out of. It won't win any races or beauty contests, but it gets the job done and is a reliable workhorse. $3,000 and a couple of minor repairs to get five years and 75,000 miles out of means that he has a car and now $47,000 in the bank.
- You're suggesting that he should go buy a Porsche, but from a year and model that's kind of iffy on performance. There are a lot of lemons from that year and model, but those who don't have problems with it swear it's the greatest thing ever made. Now he has a car, but absolutely no liquid assets (draft picks are the same as cash); his only assets are all hard goods. And it's a 50:50 shot of it even working out at all; if it doesn't, he now has a $50,000 car that's no better than what he could have bought off the used car lot and saved a ton of money on.
I get your point, but here's where the analogy falls apart. I really don't consider Schneider a Porsche. Quick, Lundqvist and now Smith are the Porsches.

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