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11-26-2003, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Garfield
You can't be serious. You are saying that Chimera is better than Conroy, Gelinas, Saprykin, Clark, Donovan etc.... based on 2G and 2A. HA HA HA HA HA HA !!! That's a good one. So by your logic, McLennan is a better goalie than Joseph, Hasek, Cloutier, Turco, Nabokov, Burke, Giguere, Cechmanek etc.... You said it, not me.
I think you misinterpreted dawgbone's post. Read again:

Chimera - 21 GP 2 G 2 A -1 (10:37 of ice per game)

which is still better than Clark, Conroy, Saprykin, Donovan, Betts, Oliwa, Lowry...
The reason the Oilers forwards have better numbers is because they score more goals, that does not make them better.
Then what does? The way they tie their skates?

Chimera is just plain brutal and I can't believe you think he is better than any forward on the Flames, let alone Conroy, Saprykin & Gelinas. I would take Oliwa in a heartbeat over Chimera.
Brutal? Then explain how Chimera (23 pts in 66 gp) had the same number of/more points last year than every current Flames forward (that played for Calgary at some point in the 2002-03 season) except for Conroy (59 in 79), Iginla (67 in 75), Gelinas (52 in 81), and Yelle (25 in 82).

You would take Oliwa over Chimera? Bahahahaha!

You can't compare goals & assists when you are talking about two totally different teams.
Sure you can, that's why they have player awards during and at the end of each season.

Oilers fans get so worked up.
Care to elaborate?

And I'm not even going to bother with the Vancouver comparison as anyone can see that is flat out non-sense as the Canucks are twice as deep as the Oilers.
That is gold, pal. They're deeper than the Oilers? But... didn't their top line of Naslund, Bertuzzi, and Morrison account for around half their goals? And when that line was shutdown, wasn't the entire team silent, leading to their exit in the playoffs?

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