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06-09-2012, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by glovesave_35 View Post
Easier said than done. The list of centers better than Benn isn't a huge one and of those I can't imagine many would be available.

As much as I disagree with it, it seems their plan to move Benn doesn't require the acquisition of a center better than him, merely a "top 6 center"...which has a range of definitions when you include the entire league and the litany of 40 point 2nd line centers.

This team's best chance at taking a step up is getting Benn to be a 50+ % faceoff guy. I know that's a challenge but it's one worth taking on IMO.
One of the reasonings has to be the lack of depth on left wing. Eriksson is the only true left wing on the team (only looking at the top 6), and even in the AHL and in our prospect pool, it's predominantly right wingers. Benn was a left winger, IIRC, and him and Eriksson on the left side has us set for a long while there.

Also, it's probably easier to acquire a top 6 center as opposed to a top 6 left winger, or at least in theory it is. There aren't many teams deep at LW, while there are several deep at center. That, and LW just seems to be a weaker position in the league in general (but I can't really tell, as I'm losing track of who plays left and who plays right).

But I think if Benn sticks at center next season, goes out and scores 35-45-80, and has at least a decent FO% (~45-47%), at that point does it not make sense to move him back to wing. I agree in that face-offs are the one asset of his game he really needs to work on, but that alone shouldn't be the deciding factor in whether he plays wing or center.

I just don't want to see a 3rd line center (Stoll, Bozak, etc.) push Benn back to the wing. I'd also rather not see a prospect (Pirri, Spooner, etc.) be the cause, either. And I don't see us acquiring a legit top 6 center anytime soon. I think Benn at center is not only what's best for him going forward, but also for the team.

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