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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Well, that depends on a few factors. There are some topics that I just avoid for one reason or another. I do tend to end up in ones where there are ridiculous ideas likely to be bandied about, which is why you'll find my name in the trade board threads. No shortage of ridiculousity coming from there...

Also consider that I usually have 8-10 tabs or windows open on my browser at a given time, and possibly other programs as well. This slows down my actual post time; I can't tell you how many times I'll wrap up three at about the same time, then have to twiddle my thumbs waiting because flood control is on.

It also depends on how much information can be brought to the table. I'm an absolute information junkie; I'd either be an exceptional teacher or a poor one. Exceptional because I'd be teaching students how to approach a subject from all points, how to argue logically, and how to realize that you're very rarely going to have an ironclad argument because even poor debaters are at least within a mile of the truth. Poor because I'd probably never really get to the point. I'm the end result of what happens when you take a borderline autistic child (in a time when, if you could function socially to even a moderate extent, you were fine), put him in a room full of various non-fiction books, and see him spend his free time elbows-deep in information.
Goodness. No wonder we get along so well.

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