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Originally Posted by beeker16 View Post
If the favored horse is out now, how does this affect betting payouts for those betting on other horses?
i.e. Exactas, To Place etc.
It depends when the wager was made. If you got Dullahan earlier in the week at 6:1 odds, then he becomes the favorite at 2:1 (for example) and eventually wins, you would get paid based on the 6:1 bet. If you bet Dullahan at 2:1, that is how the bettor would get paid if that entry wins. If you played a straight win or an exacta of I'll Have Another (prior to the scratch) with another horse, you'd normally get a refund once the race goes official.

However, there are defined rules in place that vary by state and can get complicated for such exotics as Pick 3. Each state that allows parimutuel betting has a state agency that overlooks the gaming aspect.

In Las Vegas, I made a minor wager through a "Futures" bet which was months prior to the Derby and the odds were inflated. It was a win bet on War Pass at very high odds (I did the same thing the prior year with Street Sense, based on the Breeders Cup Juvenile, and won the Derby with higher odds). He was eventually among the Derby favorites at one point and the odds were drastically reduced as the Derby got closer; however, he was scratched due to an injury a few days prior to the race -- no refund based on Nevada gaming rules.

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