Thread: Confirmed with Link: Therrien is new Habs coach
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06-09-2012, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by EllertoKostitsynGoal View Post
I know you were asking Mathman but if you don't mind I can answer a part of your question.

The main problem is thinking that making the playoffs on the back of good special teams happens as often as it did even just three or four years ago. It doesn't. To put this into context,the year Carbo's bad 5 on 5 club won the east about half of the teams in the playoffs were sub 50% in possession. That number has been dropping in each season ever since. I don't have know for this year but I know that number was down to only 2 in 2010-2011.

Basically, making the playoffs while being bad 5 on 5 used to be a coin flip. These days, you can basically just look at teams Corsi. With a few outliers, the top half teams in Corsi are in, the bottom half are out.

The main problem I have with Therrien as a coach is that I think that, with a few small addition, next year's team could be good. It's just that it's the kind of team that would need a strong tactical coach to be so. I think a guy like Vigneault can get this team in the playoffs, I have my doubt about Therrien being able to do that. But I guess I'll wait and see how he actually coaches this team.
I believe the biggest reason for this is referees swallowing their whistles all the way back to pre-lockout rates. There were almost half as many powerplays in the 2011-12 season as compared to the 2005-06 season. A greater proportion of the game is being played at even-strength.

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