Thread: Confirmed with Link: Farewell Zuke! (Signs with KHL)
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06-09-2012, 03:26 PM
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I said it before and say it til I'm blue in the face (Or til someone

I think the final F U Rangers for zuke straw that broke the camels back was when zuke was not dressed for game 6 vs devs...

We had a chance to play a fresh playmaker that devs was not familiar with that has scored against them before, puts the team first, backchecks like a mo fo and doesn't back down. But Torts decided to play an injured player instead.

Zuke could've wreck havock out there with tape to tape passes but we played with several players that just skated along trying not to get noticed.

I'm not saying he would've won the series and the cup for us, but why the buck sit such a creative player when we needed just that..

So I think zuke's agent decided to shop around and informed him of the money he was missing out on at the right time and frame of mind. Zuke was likely pissed of enough to sign that khl deal as he said it was heartbreaking to leave NYR..

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