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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
I can't see him leaving the chance to play with giroux and take a step Backwards by signing with the habs this late in his career. The only question is whether the flyers want him back too
Why? It's not like he's chasing a cup at this point necessarily.

Money and fame.

Montreal would be the best thing for him at this point in his career, and between Plekx, Desharnais and Eller (hell and Gomez) the Habs could find some talented guys for him to play with and figure out something that works.

And...if the impossible happens and the Habs go on a run and Jagr is part of it isn't he far better off than if Philadelphia was to go on a run? Even if he wins in Philly people will just go "meh, he shoulda never left Pittsburgh" but in Montreal?

It looks like he'll be signing with Philly, if he hits July 1st I hope the Habs offer him 1 year 4.5 million. The space will be there if they have a way out on Gomez OR if the cap goes up to even just 65 let alone the 70.3 it's currently on track to be at than Gomez won't even matter.

Any big drop in the cap will come with a rollback too. The players won't like it but a rollback is better than the situation that would occur as a result of a drastically lowered cap and suddenly far more guys being way more overpaid than they were.

All in all though...nothing out there after Parise at forward that's that enticing, so a 1 year deal on Jagr would be sweet, and who cares at what cost really? The difference between 3 and 4.5 is meaningless on a 1 year deal.

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