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06-09-2012, 04:34 PM
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It's pretty clear to me that the target is Gay and we're saying "Well we could just get Iguodala instead then" as our leverage against them.

Gay is about to turn 26 and has 3 years of contract after this, at which point he'll be 29, still a solid age to extend him when our core is developed and ready. Iguodala is 28 and a half and will be 30 and a half in 2 years when his contract runs out. It leaves us in a spot where he either walks at 30 (not out of the question, lots of players at 30 want to go to contenders and we likely won't be one) or we have to pay him a huge contract, and Iguodala is exactly the type of player who don't want to pay big at 30, once his athleticism goes that'll be it for him. So we'd be dealing our pick for the value of Iguodala's next 2 years, at a max deal. Everything after that has no asset value to us, because he's both unsigned and even if we do resign him, it'll likely be at a negative value deal.

Trading our draft pick for Gay is probably an unwise move but defendable. Trading it for Iguodala would be awful, awful, awful. A lottery team trading their pick for a 28.5 year old who's a UFA in 2 years is almost a parody version of "Horrible move"

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